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Home Deep

Power Clean Pro Services now offers interior cleaning solutions. We have made investments into top-of-the-line equipment, practices, and people to leave your home looking amazing! Contact us today for a free quote.

Studio Apartment

Vacant Property

Whether you are selling a home and need to move out or you just purchased and need to move in, we offer a comprehensive cleaning solution that will give your property that "new home" smell.​

Digital Stove

Appliance Deep Clean

When a simple wipe down doesn't suffice, we have extra strength chemicals, steamers, and cleaning techniques that will get your appliances shining again.


Window Cleaning

Let in as much light and fill your home with positive energy with a window detail. We'll take care of the glass, panes, and trim all in one shot.

Vaccum Cleaner

Carpet Shampoo

We'll get years of dirt and grim out of your carpet and rugs with a few passes from our commercial-grade carpet shampooer and cleaner.

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Disinfecting Fogging

We use an FDA and EPA disinfecting solution atomized in a commercial-grade fogger. The solution is safe and will kill up to 99.9% of lingering bacteria and viruses.

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Need your home cleaned on a reoccurring basis? We've got you covered with our scheduled housekeeping services.

Vacuuming the Couch

Furniture Shampoo

Don't toss it! Give your cloth furniture new life wth a shampoo and cleaning.

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Smell & Odor Removal

We use an Ozone (O3) generation machine to kill odors, organics, and more. We typically breathe O2 or Oxygen. When O3 is created, the extra oxygen molecule wants to break off and attach itself to bad organics, killing them and their smell. What’s left is healthy, breathable, fresh air.

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We offer janitorial services upon request. Please contact us directly for a consultation.

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