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What is the purpose of roof granules?

If your home has an asphalt roof, the shingles are made of granules. Roof granules are what give the roof its water-shedding abilities, ultraviolet light protection, and fire resistance. Some manufacturers include moss-reducing elements like copper. The key to keeping a roof for its entire lifespan is to minimize granule loss. There are three things you can do the minimize granule loss. First, keep your roof clear of debris. This can be anything from tree branches fallen on a windy day, to pine needles or animal droppings. Second, keep your roof moss free. To accomplish this, enlist the help of a professional cleaner to kill all the organic matter on the roof and then have it maintained yearly. Third, inspect your roof regularly. High winds and rain can wreak havoc on a roof. Make sure you inspect your roof 2 to 3 times per year and stay ahead of any damage.

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