Pre-Work Checklist


Clear surfaces

Clear the driveways, walkways, decks, patios, and steps of everything you don't want to be damaged. This includes vehicles, flower pots, patio furniture, statues, etc. 


Close Windows

Water can easily get into any open window when we perform home cleaning services. Please ensure that all windows are closed and properly sealed to prevent water from entering the home.


Remove Hanging Things

Remove all items that could be damaged when we are using pressurized water. This includes hanging plants and decorations like wind chimes.


Limit Traffic

It's important to limit the amount of traffic in the areas that are actively being cleaned. We ask that you secure all pets and children in the home while we are cleaning. If you must walk through a cleaning zone, please notify the technicians and they will ensure it is safe before proceeding.


Notify Technicians

Please notify our technicians of any malfunctioning seals, places where water can enter the home, pre-existing damage, outdoor electronics, or anything other obstructions for them to be aware of prior to cleaning your home.